Eating before and after excercise

Okay so now you know why I’m blogging I hope that you are all ready to come on this health and fitness journey with me!!

The very first thing I am going to touch on is nutrition. Good nutrition is the most important thing in our daily lives, it forms the building blocks for all our daily activities. Wether it be work rest or play! If we don’t have a good diet we won’t have enough energy to get through the day let alone an exercise program. It is paramount to have a healthy diet to reach our health and fitness goals.

I have been asked many times how long before and after exercise should I eat?

It is important to power up your energy before a workout so that you don’t crash and burn before you get to the finish line!! As a general rule you should eat at least 30mins before you work out so that your not exercising on an empty stomach. After exercise eat when you feel hungry.

What should I eat before I exercise?

Now is the time to fuel up on your carbs as carbs produce energy, what you eat before and after exercise is dependant to a degree on what activity you do and how long the duration is, as well as the intensity. This is something that you will work out as you start getting into your daily routine. If you run out of steam before you finish your workout obviously you need to eat more before you start. Hydration is also extremely important. A piece of fruit like a banana, or a tub of yoghurt are a good source of energy to power up on, prior to a workout that will last for about an hour.


It is so important to stay well hydrated all day not just when we exercise. Up to 2 litres of water a day is generally enough for most people. If you are exercising you should drink at least another 500 ml’s on top of your normal daily intake, drink this about 30mins before you start training and remember to keep sipping water all the way through your program.


Health and fitness for older adults.

Why a blog for older adults fitness?

I am starting my blog because there seems to me to be a gap in In the market from about age fifty five onwards, when looking for information about fitness. Just go into the news agent and look along the shelves, they are full of magazines on fitness with bulked up men sporting the perfect six pack and amazon women often sporting the same slightly finer six pack both glossed up and shiny in their perfection. Not one magazine of a beautifully sculpted fifty five to ninety year old male or female!!!

Yet it is probably more important for this age group to be paying attention to their health and fitness. Gone are the days where our body just looks after itself, we are moving into the area of reduced bone density and muscle loss, less cardio fitness and balance issues. All of which can be improved very easily with exercise! So here I am to guide you into a new age of health fitness and confidence!! 

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